Photographic Practice A – Self Evaluation – Daniel Hancox

When I started this project I had no idea what I was going to create, the act of testing and trials and my research into Duane Michals is what actually gave me my concepts. Taking the images for my piece was harder than I initially thought because I didn’t want distracting qualities in the images which took away from the statement and narrative I was making; that is another big quality of my work which needs to be addressed and thats the fact I’m also making a statement about light and its importance to us in terms of technology, advancements and being a never ending property which constantly drives us forward. However I was jubious about my concepts throughout this project, I really liked my narrative idea of travelling through the lenses using light and creating this calendar and statement but this was also hard to achieve, this work is definitely more conceptual and about the context rather than the images, but I did hit points where I felt that my narrative structure could be stronger in terms of aesthetics within the images; I did find this difficult achieve.

A good learning curve from this module was the understanding of creating a narrative structure with my photography, this is my first attempt to do so and feel it can definitely be grown in terms of this project but it has made me be more open when it comes to linking images together to create a narrative, plus the research I have undertaken was really interesting and helped me a great deal when it came to creating my own narrative.

I feel that I may have gone off my trail of thought at times with maybe involving too many elements and thoughts within my narrative, I got a little confused later on in the project to which of these elements was the most important. However when I finished editing my images and put them together I actually liked the subtlety of the images; I feel this gives the viewer a canvas to share their thoughts about what I am trying to say or do. Another aspect which I would like to see is the advancement of my calendar, when the cameras are next to each other on the black long back board I feel its rather easy to see the technological advancements with the cameras and get a good sense of what I’m trying to do; however I feel if this was to happen the importance of the light source may be lost. I seem to be finding many parallels in this piece which could be described as a ‘catch 22 situation’.

I have definitely learnt from the project and gathered skills to take forward into the future and into other projects, but being injured throughout this project has set me back and makes me feel that I couldn’t put as much as I wanted to into taking my images; I think this is the main catalyst for the reasons behind my chosen images and concepts but I am happy with my overall results.


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