Final Narrative

My Final piece

gallery – PDF

I wanted to see in some way what my narrative might look like in a gallery, I have to admit though that I haven’t found one website or program which I deem good to carry this out. I have tried to put my work in a virtual gallery on however I find this website really disappointing, clunky and basic. I couldn’t change the formats of the rooms or give any sense of a real space.

Not at all happy with the results from this virtual gallery space. I want to actually show my narrative as one image, my final long sequence but could not get it right on this site.

However through a fellow student I got recommended another site which I hadn’t come across. So I created another gallery space on this site and the quality far exceeds the Virtual Gallery Site.

This website allowed me to view my piece as intended in its long format.

Gallery gallery2 gallery3 gallery4

Because My final narrative is to be viewed in the intended strip with the black background I simply added some images from my achieves just to fill the walls and add more of a gallery effect. This website is ten times more user friendly then the last and you can get a good sense of what the work looks like in a white space. I’m attracted to the long, thin collection of images and when presenting them in this format adds value to the narrative because it pretty much makes the viewer follow the sequence from left to right.

NarrativeGallerySpace – PDF

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 14.55.25 Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 14.55.49


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