My narrative, but why?! When and Where?!

So I want my final narrative sequence to have an abstract and qwerky nature which can take the viewer on a journey which unfolds within itself, by looking at some of Duane Michals sequences I have had a brain wave on how this is possible. Michals has a way of deceiving the viewer by including the current or next frame within the next frame, hard to describe in writing which I’m finding rather annoying when it comes to this blog…. Although my experiments I previously tried explain the idea much better than I can at this moment.

With taking some of the tricks of Duane Michals I feel like I could put together an engaging narrative, although Michals tricks with a frame are more diverse than my own I’m not concerned because I also want to portray a clear narrative to the viewer.

So why am I choosing to show my narrative on this way?!

The reason is to create a sense of travel through the technology of cameras using a organic light source as a highway. By having the next camera within the current cameras viewfinder I hope to create a deep connection between each camera to the next; by traveling directly through the cameras creates a instant bond between the subjects and acts as a path, a Calendar, journey and the progress in capturing light.

At the moment I feel rather confident with my ideas and how to actually carry it out but I’m trying not to visualise my sequence in immense detail right now because I’d rather be surprised and let the images evolve. The main thing for me to do now is to start shooting and gather more dynamic research.

However saying that I should think about where my images are going to be taken\ where my cameras should be placed. I like the idea of having a simple backdrop for the cameras to sit on, simple backgrounds\ environments won’t take any attention away from the  cameras and the filled viewfinders, I could also use backgrounds I feel are fit for the period in which the cameras were used in the most over time but that may be difficult to achieve in the short amount of time, I’m not very good at going out on missions laterly due to injury.



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