When I think of light I often think about photography and how light is it’s biggest factor, after all that’s what cameras do, capture light but how can I show this in a narrative, how can I put my thoughts into practice.

My narrative will be taking the viewer on a journey through the lenses of many cameras which have evolved over time to be better at capturing light. The first act of my narrative be will be to show the audience a light source but this light source has to be as raw as possible like fire, the reason for this is to subtly hint to the audience by the end of the narrative that light doesn’t need to evolve or change, even in it’s rawest form we still strive to keep up with it and constantly evolve technology which works around and because of light, no matter how advance we get as a race the complex existence of light will never be outsourced and always drive us forward. The first couple of sequences in this act will then lead into the camera lenses and view finders, firstly showing the viewer the piece of technology which is capturing this raw light source and try to create a sense of travel through the cameras lenses. I want the viewfinders to be filled with the next camera and so on and so forth; this is to help me create a narrative between the cameras and show one beam of light travelling through the ages of cameras. I’d like to create a sense that the viewer could act as the beam of light and go on a journey through the technology of capturing light; the middle body and bulk of the sequence will be the act of travelling through the lenses, once the light has been shown it will disappear within a frame which is within a frame which is within a frame etc. Like when we are stood with one mirror in front of us and one mirror behind and the reflection repeats for as long as we can see. A heavily influenced concept idea I have from Duane Michals, the power of perception and playing on what’s within a frame. The final act will be showing how the beam of light travels through the different cameras (ranging from a brownie camera all the way up to modern SLR) and how it will then end up back at the brownie camera and then finally the image of the raw light source, this being the statement that we still use such a raw source of light as inspiration to keep building forward but to also bring attention that this entire sequence can act as a calendar for our technology.

For as long as our technology gets better with capturing light the more cameras can be added to the body of this sequence and help to create a narrative calendar of our history of cameras and capturing light.


Ok, so after speaking out about my ideas through this synopsis I had some valuable feedback, this is definitely the idea to follow through with to use as a final piece, there is a lot of material within this idea and I need to utilize as much of it as I can. There elements of technology, the gained ability to capture light, the involvement of light and how important it really is, the statement that we now have access to photographic practices in relation to the cameras. Also the act of a journey and calendar which can develop over time; using the powers of perception to create a circular narrative.


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